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Morgans Big Trains Emporium, Huntington Beach CA

Morgans Big Trains EmporiumMorgans Big  Train Emporium is a small store front store in Huntington Beach California. As the name says they focus on BIG trains, however, the last time I visited them they had some Märklin H0 digital starter kits and some additional packages. They have a huge warehouse in the back and the owner told me he is focusing on online sales. He said he can order everything from  Marklin out of their catalog.  Morgans Big  Train Emporium pricing is following the manufacturer’s price list.

I visited the store last in 2012.

Allied Model Trains, Culver City, CA

Allied Model Trains in Culver CityAllied Model Trains in Culver City is a great source for everything Märklin H0 in LA and Orange County. They have a whole counter just for Märklin H0 including an analog and digital repair station. I had one of my V200 trains repaired there and was very satisfied with the result. This store is actually a stocking distributor of Märklin. The prices follow the manufacturer’s recommended price list for resellers. Besides the unusual well stocked Marklin inventory, they stock the usual US brands in different scales. Also, if you are looking for landscape modeling accessories, you will find your needs fulfilled at Allied Model Trains. The store is owned by the same owner as The Original Whistle Stop in Pasadena.

I visited Allied Model Trains last in September of 2013.

Original Whistle Stop Pasadena

The Original Whistle Stop Pasadena

The Original Whistle Stop is located in Pasadena, California.

The store is listed on Märklin’s Authorized Dealers page. They have some selection of N scale Märklin stock, but no Märklin H0 inventory. However, they basically have every brand of American train manufacturers. In addition they have a fine selection of general train modeling  tools and landscaping/modeling goodies. The store has a nice “Wild-West” themed model train set build right in the store.

Link to their website:

I visited the store on October 13, 2013.